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Mon, Nov. 19th, 2007, 07:00 pm
Priestess and Warrior

I heard this poem on the album "Wake the Dragon" by Môr Gwyddelig. I thought it was really pretty, but couldn't find lyrics anywhere. So, I trascribed my own. Here they are:

Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006, 08:56 pm
Poached Pears

One of my favorite desserts to make is poached pears with mulled wine syrup. is delicious.

1.5c dry red wine
1c water
.5c packed dark brown sugar
1 3in cinnamon stick
10 black peppercorns
3 tbsp honey
1tsp vanilla extract
1tbsp fresh lemon juice
4 bosc pears

Combine all but pears in a 3qrt microwave-safe dish and microwave 5min on high, or until mixture boils. While this is going on, peel the pears and cut off the tops just as they begin to flare out. Hollow out the fatter section and cut a small amount off the bottom so that they sit flat. They should look kinda like this:
Mm, tasty pear cross--ection...
Add the pears to the wine mixture, cover, and microwave on high for 10min, or until the pears are tender. Cool in the dish for 5min. Remove the pears with a slotted spoon and place in saucers.
Microwave the wine sauce mix on high for 5min, or til reduced to 1c. Spoon a quarter of the sauce over each pear.

In the past I've filled the pears with nuts and caramel, but I suspect there is something better. I do recommend melting some dark chocolate and drizzling it over them, though.

[Backdated Entry]

Sun, Dec. 18th, 2005, 05:49 pm

wishlist in categories by priority. http://www.wishcentral.com/guest.php?AOBGkptZWNPdg=3162 is an incomplete and nonprioritized list, but it has prices and links.

kuretake brush pen
light box
mortar and pestle
salt and pepper wobblers
kick the cheat
silver charms (discs with the words on them: hope, dream, inspire, joy, believe, imagine. also a book, a key, etc)
paper/file tray
NAP blanket
cup noodle mug
magnetic cans
3D caffiene molecule LED keychain
sleeping kitty button
chewie is my copilot sticker
it's fun to use learning for evil sticker
poetry magnets
large metal sheet

i am made of poison black/red
schroedinger's cat
i wish i could fly
bears will eat you
death has a bunny
20 sided winner
play old video games
pixel skull tank top
slim black tie
i am 10 ninjas pullover hoodie
i am your secret scary friend
knee high petticoat (thick, like 50yds)
knee high socks (black and white)
200 OK panties
403 Forbidden panties
fingerless gloves (pretty or cool)
leg warmers (red, black, maybe purple)
books rule
ok to be you

plain black choker
sitheteX podbelt
1/4" ruler, english and metric
rubik's cube earrings
compass necklace, bracelet, or keychain
level necklace, bracelet, or earrings
thermometer earrings or necklace
chain mail lariat
flat head earrings
pac-man earrings

flight vol 2
scary go round: blame the sky
symbols - encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms
leonard cohen: selected poems 1959-1968
venus envy book 1
misfile book 1

READ poster
flight poster
marshmallow cat poster

chrono trigger osv
voltaire - boo hoo
freezepop - freezepop forever
adiemus - adiemus

black & white 2
-kirby canvas curse
-mario kart ds

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